Rocks. Perhaps the simplest game in history, and yet it was one of the best parts of yesterday’s trip to Cacapon State Park. The game isn’t commonly played and only gets a shout-out in the blog once per session, but it is one of the few games in this world where everyone playing smiles. For those of you who are not familiar with Rocks, which I assume is most, it is a game where you enter the water and one person asks another if they like rocks. When the person logically responds with, “I love rocks!” everyone yells, “ROCKS!” and lays at the bottom of the water, like a rock. It is exponentially more fun than it sounds, trust me.

Whilst seniors went white water rafting through Harper’s Ferry (and only one person fell out of their raft!), the rest of the camp went to Cacapon for a fun day at the beach. In addition to a spirited game of Rocks, campers had fun at the snack bar, playing in the water, and throwing a Frisbee around the beach. After a cookout prepared by one of the best cooks CTT has to offer (not to toot my own horn) it was time for the Cacapon Apache and Fashion Show. First, the teams had to spin around, somersault, crab walk, three-legged race, and more in order to be crowned the kings and queens of Cacapon. But the fun did not stop at the Apache. Then, it was time for the trash bag fashion show where outfits were created using only materials from the woods, a trash bag, aluminum foil, and duct tape. Ethan Weinstein became Darth Vader in his trash bag suit. John Barnes narrated a hysterical Project Runway story about his team and their creative formal trash bag outfit. Spencer Leibow and Aaron Forest told the love story of Cropsey with their outfit. In the end, John Barnes’s Project Runway story won and his team was crowned victorious. Following the Cacapon Apache, we headed off to the playground until heading back to camp ready to rest for another great day of activities.

We have a B-day today and tonight is one of my favorite activities: Cheesy Skit Night, where each cabin has to perform a funny skit. Tomorrow, we take a day off from normal activities and have Global Domination Day. Who will be the champion?