Rain can’t stop our fun!

Yes, there was another storm. I’m all out of rain-related puns, but at least spirits are high. Last night was like any other Cabin Camp-Out night. We ate burgers and hot dogs and enjoyed time together as a cabin. By 9:00, almost every cabin had a fire and was roasting marshmallows and enjoying each other’s company, the way the night should be. Then some wind came, then some more wind, then a boom, and then, we were all safe and sound in our cabins.

But, like always at CTT, no amount of rain can stop our fun. Cabin 4 had boatloads of fun watching the storm roll in while Cabin 56 had a large game of Stratego. In an impressive display of strength and willpower, Cabin B stuck it out, watched the storm, told stories, and eventually stayed outside all night. Though they are not the biggest fans of Cabin Camp-Out Night, Girls Tents had a great time having a dance party in the showerhouse as they waited out the storm. In usual fashion, Boys Tents played Smartest Tent Boy, this time with Cabin 78, but despite the added competition, Michael Balaban maintained his title as the Smartest Tent Boy in Camp Tall Timbers.

The rain hit late yesterday so we were still able to have our activities. Yesterday was the first time of the session rockets were launched and they were awesome. Aaron Forest and Devon Cantor won games of knockout in basketball and Ethan McCann, who will likely go to the NBA, as for the umpteenth time, made a half-court shot. Yesterday was also the debut of a new game for canoeing, Blowing in the Wind, where the campers have to pick up balls in the lake and each are worth different points; the winner of the first game was Sam Brami, Cooper LaPorte, and Harrison Forest.  In CTTFFL news, the Red Bulls and Yellow Polka-Dotted Hippopotami defeated the Black Attack and Orange Crush respectively, and in an intense game that went into overtime, the Purple Nurples vanquished the G-Machine/Real Teal Turtles (they are slowly becoming a unified team) with Justin Kagen as the MVP for scoring two touchdowns.

Today, the seniors go Go-Karting in the morning while the rest of camp does regular B-day activities. In the afternoon,lots of fun water games to stay cool and later have a campfire, assuming of course, there’s no rain. Fingers crossed!

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