Racing In The Rink

Well some may have fallen, some may have just avoided the rink completely, but everyone had a great time at the Tank Top Party at the skating rink. Last night, CTT headed out to the Winchester Skating Center with the theme of a Tank Top Party. Ethan Polk-Trauman made a station in Cottage 7 where you could bring your bland t-shirt down and he could magically, with the help of some scissors, turn it into a stellar tank top to be worn for the night and his work was greatly appreciated.

Yesterday was a great day to show that it does not take long at CTT to be integrated in our community. The wet-your-feet week campers have only been here for a couple days and already Thomas Pearson has won a game of knockout and shot two bullseyes in archery, Eli Wazen won a driving contest, and Beck Mueller, Thomas Pearson, Reed Haske, and Daniil Em fed goats for the first time. Other campers are excelling as well with Jordan Abel mastering all forms of hockey scoring a hat trick in both field and street hockey. Robert Bell ziplined for the first time. In tennis, Taryn Dalton won games of tapeworm and jail. Brendan Arnold and Sydney Alloy both shot bullseyes and Ethan Weinstein won a game of knockout.

Today, Boys Leagues continues with Sam’s Fang’s Bloggers (the obvious favorite) battling Albert’s Rhinoceri in water polo and Corey’s Executive Line-Item Vitos competing against Toby’s Goldman-Sachs Backstabbers in soccer. Tonight, we head out to go see the Winchester Royals play the Front Royal Cardinals. Go Royals!

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  1. lori friedman
    lori friedman says:

    I kinda thought MIller’s idea was the better one, but I’m honored you would use my idea for the title!!!!

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