Picking Right Up Where We Left Off

Welcome to the Third Session! My name is Zach and I’m picking up where my brother left off. I am an incoming senior at American University studying political science and a former camper at CTT. Third Session has been an absolute blast so far. We have a number of kids who are new to camp and many are trying activities for the first time.

Up at horses with Tiffany and Dan, Jaclyn Welfeld rode a horse for the first time. Alec Geis, Livia Lampal, Margaret Rappaport, Jasmine Williams, Freddi Rappaport, Taryn Dalton and Caro Lipsitz all shot guns for the first time with riflery experts Ethan and Erin. Keith and Julie’s climbing classes saw Livia Lampal and Freddi Rappaport try the wall and Freddi made it all the way to the top. The lake also gave campers the opportunity to try many new activities with Taylor Antonis and Lori Belt tubing for the first time, Sophie Delta, Hailee Williams, and Gabby Heller canoeing for the first time and Hailee Williams and Jenna Ross kayaking for the first time. Even the older campers were trying new activities. Tent boy Nate Schwartz attempted mountain boarding for the first time, and did quite well according to Rachel. Much to the excitement of Emma, Dippies have become very popular this session, especially with the younger ladies of Cabins A and B.

In addition to attempting new things, a number of CTT campers exceled in their activities yesterday. Sam Greenberg hit a home run in baseball. Matthew Van Aken won the accuracy contest in golf. Caoimhe Ni Dhroighneain and Jasmine Williams won soccer world cup. In hockey, Holden Cook won a game of world cup and Quinn Cook and Justin Welfeld won the 2 on 2 game. The Cook brothers also won a game of jail in tennis as did Jake Welfeld.

At the campfire, each cabin had to come up with a cabin cheer. Cabin 56 wowed the judges with their creative cheer and backflips by Jake Welfeld. The campers also learned numerous camp traditions and songs such as Boom-Chicka-Boom, “The Friends Song”, “Lion Hunt”, “Herman the Worm”, and “Boomba”. The evening ended with the entire camp roasting marshmallows by the campfire and making smores.

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  1. Kristin
    Kristin says:

    Wow … great job with tennis and hockey Quinn and Holden Cook. I hope you’re making new friends too!

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