Outlaw CTT

Weekends at CTT are unforgettable. Between MTV Night and Wild West Day, this past weekend was one of the best weekends in a while.

Friday night was MTV Night where each cabin was given a genre and had to make a music video for that genre. Cabin B had pop and performed an adorable dance to Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend.” Cabin 3 had current-day music and performed “Starships” by Nicki Minaj with Jake Greenberg as Ms. Minaj and the rest of the cabin as her backup dancers. Boys Tents miraculously connected blues music and Romeo and Juliet and had a hilarious skit. At the end of the night, there was a tie for first between Cabin 56 and Cabin 78. Cabin 56 had performed a medley of Boy Band songs as they mocked the counselors with Joe Balaban as counselor Levi, Adam Dunham as Corey, and incredible dancer Malec Sayyad as Hugh, and 78 danced to indie rockers Of Monsters and Men’s hit song “Little Talks” with Matt Kasoff as the male lead and Max Penn as the female lead. The tie-breaker was a MTV-off so each cabin had to act out a show on MTV. Cabin 56 chose “16 and Pregnant” and Enrique Rodriguez was the mother; Joe Balaban reprised his role as Levi to be the father of the child. But, the winner of the night, was Cabin 78 as they performed a hilarious rendition of “Teen Wolf” with Max Penn as a female lead yet again and Jake Abel as the teen wolf.

The fun continued into Saturday with Wild West Day. For the morning, each team had to write a Wild Western skit, paint a cowboy hat, and make a brand for each camper. In the afternoon, teams went in rotations to a rodeo where they had to lasso a wild stallion (or just a very well costumed counselor) then they went to dueling where when the sheriff said “draw,” you had to shoot your opponent with a water gun and then a water balloon toss. Lastly, they went to the massive obstacle course, Outlaw Pete’s Revenge, where they had to drive through a course and then go through obstacles on foot, all while avoiding Outlaw Pete (yours truly) and his water gun. At the end of the day, each team performed their skits and the White team was the winner of the day due to their How I Met Your Mother-inspired skit with Michael Balaban as the narrator.

The weekend also gave way to some more camper accomplishments. Ethan Harrison climbed up the wall three times. Zach LaPorte and Alex Goldstein hit home runs. Brianna Sewell ziplined for the first time. Tyler Maizels shot a small bouncy ball from fifty feet away in riflery and Matthew Ziegelstein dunked a basketball for the first time this session.

The last week of camp is always a great one. Tonight is Disney Night and tomorrow we go to an amusement park. The play is in a few days and then Color War. We’ve got a great week ahead of us!