Out at the Rink

While it may have looked like a blur of highlighters, last night’s 80s Neon Night at the Winchester Skating Center was a great time. Last night featured our campers defying gravity and skating for hours. All of Cabin 1 learned to skate for the first time, and Ryan Bernstein only fell once. Zach LaPorte and Javier Alonso showed off their skating abilities by consistently doing tricks around the rink. All had a fun time and even those that fell down got right back and up and tried again.

Lunches at CTT are something special. The Girls and Boys side consistently try to top one another and show the most spirit. The Girls do their traditional girls side chant and cheer after a successful completion while the boys bang their cups in a somewhat synchronized fashion. Yesterday was noteworthy as the girls “lost it,” and when that happens, all of Boys’ Side crosses over to the Girls’ Side to sing The Righteous Brothers’s “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling.” The girls swoon and the men return to their meals feeling proud that they “brought it back” to the ladies.

Boys Leagues continued yesterday with Albert’s Leaders of the Way defeating Sam P’s Albuquerque Surge and Toby’s Care Bears besting Sam F’s Fluorescent Caboose Traveling Mimes. Yesterday was also a good day for campers giving back to camp as Aiden Perman strung his own rod and Michelle Pollowitz fixed a mountain board. In archery, Adam Dunham got a bullseye. Jessica Hymer and Madi Gehring beat the challenge course spiderweb while Shayna Allentoff made it around the wild woozy. Jen Heiman scored seventeen points in King of the Court, or as she calls it now, Queen of the Court. Ryan Bernstein, Joe Balaban, Ziggy, and Miller “Steve” Friedman hit it on the green at the golf course and Jami Siegal and Sydney Sachs trod water for the longest at the pool. The Futsal tournament came to a close as well with the stellar team of counselor Will, Laz Friedberg, and Max Friedman (Liverpool) winning in the finals.

Tonight, CTT takes another trip up the highway to Atlantic City. Okay, well not exactly, but it certainly will feel like it as tonight is Atlantic City where campers will get their fortunes told by Madam Marie and roll the dice at the Roulette table. Lastly, all of us here at CTT would like to extend a Happy Birthday wish to great parent and blog reader Elise Harrison. Be sure to skip around the room in our honor and happy birthday!

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  1. Elise Harrison
    Elise Harrison says:

    Thank you to all the CTT campers and staff for a great “shout out” for my birthday! Fang, you are the best!!!
    Wishing everyone a Happy 4th!

  2. Elise Harrison
    Elise Harrison says:

    What a wonderful surprise! Thank you to all the campers, counselors, and staff of CTT for making my day extra special! I think I will be skipping around the room for a very long time!
    Fang, you did “GOOD!”

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