Out At The Beach

Yesterday, most of the camp went to Cacapon State Park. After a game of “Bury Flip-Flop” where everyone but counselor Flip Flop won, the camp had a competitive game of Beach Ultimate Frisbee where Ian Osterman was the MVP. The day ended with a cookout and a chance for the camp to unwind from a fun day at the beach. While most of the camp was at the beach, some of our older campers took on the Shenandoah River for a day of white water rafting. They paddled their hearts out and after conquering the class three rapids, the older campers had a buffet at the Butcher’s Block where they were able to eat as much as they could (much to the delight of all the campers).

Today, Jesse Alloy has already caught three fish and Michael Springer, Erin Smedley, Ryan Berman, and Jake Abel successfully ran to the boundaries of camp and back for an early-morning workout. Tonight, Camp Tall Timbers has its very own Game Show Night where we all compete in various game shows for prizes and tomorrow we have our Camp Carnival where we turn CTT into a Carnival complete with our moon bounce and dunk tank before heading to see the Winchester Royals play that evening. Time to play ball!

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  1. Anna Jacobs
    Anna Jacobs says:

    Hey Joshua and Brendan, as I was growing up, in the dark ages, Mom, Dad and I use to go to Cacapon State Park almost every weekend during the summer. When Benjamin and Justin were younger than the two of you are now, I took them to Cacapon with Iko Iko (the black dog). Even then, it was exactly like it was when I was young, even down to the baskets to put clothing in. Can’t wait to hear how much it’s changed, I hope not much, it was wonderful and I love the memories.

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