Our Philosophy

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Camp is about meeting new challenges, making new friends and having fun. But there’s a deeply held philosophy behind the mission and a method for getting kids engaged.

We strive to:

Improve and develop social and interpersonal skills

Promote campers’ self-esteem

Help campers appreciate nature’s wonders

Allow campers to experience working and living as a team

Give campers an environment to expand their independence

Provide the opportunity for campers to set goals, learn new skills and challenge themselves

Help campers make one new friend a day

How do we do it?

Announcements are made at every meal time to highlight camper accomplishments

Golden Feathers for each activity are awarded to those campers who showed particular effort, improvement or skill throughout the session

Campers will experience Camp Fires, weekly Bunk Nights and Camp Outs every session

Campers live in a cabin or tent with peers and counselors where they will undertake the responsibilities of keeping the area clean and making group decisions

Campers will decide on their very own activities schedule and when they would like to take them

Campers are encouraged to learn at least one new skill while at camp, and most learn even more