Open All Night

Yesterday campers were active outdoors not only all day, but many all night as well. During the day we had a number of athletic accomplishments. Simon Rosenthal was named the MVP for Collin’s Boy’s League team. Aaron Rosenthal and Noah Gross won the longest drive competition in golf and Sofia Navas Sharry and Stevie Nocket hit golf balls for the first time. Jacob Welfeld, Justin Welfeld, Brendan Cutick, and Tyler Mostow all mountain-boarded for the first time. Jenna Ross hit almost every pitch that came her way in softball. Finally, Lori Belt won the basketball competition.

A number of other campers participated in other outdoor activities. Jerome Williams rode a horse for the first time. Freddi Rappaport and Taryn Dalton kayaked for the first time. Holden Cook and Carly Dalton made it to the top of the climbing wall. Emily Walke caught a nice bass. Simon Schwartz and Aaron Walsh had head shots in riflery (zombie survival 101). Catherine Ni Dhroighneain and Hunter Morrisroe won games of knockout in archery and Anja Schempf sniped a bullseye. During lunch, Flip Flop lead the boys side in the first “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” of the session. For those at home who don’t know, “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” consists of all the campers going to an empty table in the back, banging loudly, and singing a song with nonsensical phrases such as “where he at/ there he go/ peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat.” It is one of the most popular of the many camp mealtime traditions.

The evening activity last night was cabin night where campers are given the option of sleeping under the stars and building a campfire at a designated location. Quite a few cabins chose this option including Cabin B whose campers had never slept out before. The cabins were located anywhere between the lake and the golf course. I was with Cabin 2 which was located at the top of the golf course. We began the night by getting dried grass and logs to build a large fire. We then went for a lengthy hike through the woods on horse trails so it was dark when we lit the fire. After lighting the fire, we let it die down a bit and began to roast marshmallows. The night ended with my co-counselor Dan and I telling the campers funny stories and discussing our experiences with camp as the campers slowly faded off one by one. We woke up with a thin layer of dew on our sleeping bags and lugged our stuff back to the cabins to get ready for breakfast and another busy day at Camp Tall Timbers.