Oompa-Loompa Attack!

Sunday’s evening activity may have been one of the more fun, interesting, original and outright disturbing things to ever take place at CTT. The event was known as Granny’s Candy, it was something completely new and unheard of at this camp and it produced some interesting characters.

The premise of the night was that the camp was split into groups and they had to find hidden counselors, who gave them balloons that represented candy. The idea of the night was to collect as many balloons as possible and the group with the most at the end of the night would be the winner.

It sounds simple enough, but there were a few orange, obnoxious wildcards. When the campers collected balloons and thought they were in the clear, it turns out that in reality they were far from safe. At any given time, a squad of oompa-loompas (Flip-Flop, Ethan and Collin) could jump out and pop their balloons! Evidently, the three guys got extremely into their roles (they were disturbingly good at hunting children and popping balloons) and had a lot of successful raids and the children and their ‘candy.’ Some of the smaller children were frightened at first, but then realized they had to fight to protect their prizes!

At the end of the day, the group led by Zach was able to corral and save the most balloons. They came out the winners and proved they were the most adept at avoiding the oompa-loompas.

Tonight is the ever-popular Monte Carlo Night! The campers will dress in their best and try to become true high rollers in a bevy of casino games. The cabin that gathers the most currency will be crowned the highest rollers at CTT! It should be a great night, and with skating tomorrow and some other big things in the works for the last week, summer is anything but over here at CTT…