Of Fashion, Survival and Baseball

You know you’ve had a good day when it included a fashion show, a talent show, a Survivor-style relay and a baseball game.

That is exactly what the lucky campers of CTT had in store for them yesterday during The Real World- CTT. After lunch, the camp was split into six teams and the activities were under way! The day began with the juniors at the Project Runway station and the seniors went down to the lake for a Survivor Relay.

At the Project Runway station, the kids took 20 minutes to come up with an outfit for one of their teammates, who was deemed the model. All of the entries were good, but the highlight of the day had to be when David Cohen, who is normally one of the more serious people in camp, donned a frilly white dress. The event was a lot of fun and Cathal, our camp photographer, took a lot of shots which I’m sure will be online soon enough.

While the Project Runway station was fairly easygoing, the going got a bit more intense during the Survivor Relay. During the senior relay, we learned that counselor Kyle isn’t the greatest potatofish (read: potato) spearer in the world and that some of our campers, like Emily Middendorf and Evan Cook, don’t complain nearly as much as others (Alex Fang) when tasked with walking through a section of the lake.

In the junior portion, campers had to do things like sample the ‘local cuisine’, which meant they had to separate pastel mints from a tray of flour and other elements using only their teeth. They also speared potatofish and had to ‘cut the cake,’ where Corinne Polk-Trauman proved to be among the best.

After getting glitzy at the fashion show and getting down and dirty at Survivor, it was time for four members from each team to showcase their talents. There was a dance routine led by Marley Smith and Hayley Sanders, a ‘Country Roads’ rewrite performed by Matt Kasoff and a few friends, some mind-blowing bass riffs by Rina Berman, Miguel in a bear suit and a performance of ‘Freebird’ by Ethan Polk-Trauman.

The whole event was really a showcase of the various talents of CTT campers. Whether they were spearing potatoes, sloshing through the lake, putting on a fashion show or performing in front of people, the CTT campers rose to the occasion and made each event highly competitive. The red team was the ultimate winner, but the event was still an impressive showcase of the versatile campers at CTT.

After dinner, we all threw on our CTT shirts and jumped on the buses and headed to the ballpark to see the Winchester Royals take on the Woodstock River Bandits. After a night spent dodging foul balls, eating all of our favorite ballpark fare and laughing with our friends, we were all exhausted. The home team couldn’t power out an extra-innings win but we all had a great time and slept great when we finally got home.

From Survivor, to Project Runway, to CTT’s Got Talent to the Winchester Royals, it was another fantastic day at our summer home.