None But The Brave

Only CTT campers can be brave enough to take on the wilderness. They fought the elements and won.

Last night was Under the Stars night and after a big camp cookout, cabins went to their areas around camp to start the camping. The campers went deep into the woods to get firewood and then worked together to build a fire to warm them for the night. Once the fire was built, we got our s’mores sticks and roasted marshmallows and each cabin had a fun night sleeping under the stars. The stories from Under the Stars night are some of the most memorable and lead to bonds between campers that last a lifetime.

Under the Stars night marks the halfway point in our 2nd session. Everything is in full swing now with CTTFFL playoffs coming and the doubles tennis tournament beginning. The campers are showing that in just a few lessons, they can master any activity. Hayley Sanders caught her first fish and Scott Franklin, for the first time in eight years, caught his first fish, and Melorie Jenkins caught two fish. Michael Springer climbed the wall in twenty-three seconds and Laz Friedberg made it up the wall for his first time.

After a morning of regular activities, we shake things up for the afternoon with Choose Your Own Adventure Day where the campers get to pick their activities from a tye-dye session, a hike to a river, water polo, dodgeball, and other fun activities leading to a great day.