No Rainy Day Blues at CTT

Boy, a lot has happened since the last time I was able to post. We went to a baseball game, survived a rainy day, visited the wild west and witnessed an epic 20 minute dance-off between Ziggy and Chris Brown. With all of that action you can understand why I haven’t been able to post.

I have said before that the people at Camp Tall Timbers are what makes this place so special. A  perfect example of this was what went down on Friday.

We woke up and it was extremely warm. The heat before breakfast had most of us sweating profusely and preparing for a real scorcher. So imagine our surprise when we left breakfast under dark, threatening clouds. It seemed rain was imminent, and halfway through first period the skies opened.

After some scrambling by the admins and counselors, a plan was formulated. The younger kids went into the rec hall for a Chinese auction while the older campers had an egg drop in the gym.

I stuck with the young ones, and the Chinese auction was a blast. The judges, Karina and Jacqui, gave us 10 minutes to gather a pillow case full of random objects. Then, when the competition started, teams had three minutes to build a certain object out of what was in the pillow case. Campers built a wide array of objects and it was enjoyable to watch. We got to see Noah Hayes dress as a caterpillar and do the Worm, a picture frame with a moving picture of cabin three and cabin A rock out as a four-piece band when they were assigned to build a guitar. In the end, cabin three took the win but it was a blast all around.

In the afternoon, we had a camp-wide display of true skill and virtuosity in a talent show. Cabin one performed a poem in, as counselor Aram introduced it, the same vein as Allen Ginsberg and the beats. Cabin B showed us that they are good at many sports, but Taylor Dennison is the only one who can kick a soccer ball. The girl’s tents demonstrated a zeal for corny jokes and both the Spanish and French campers sang ‘Happy Birthday’ in their native tongue to Trow (who turned 19 and revealed that he is actually an egg throwing robot). There were many other talents and it was certainly a very fun afternoon.

As I said before, to have a good day when it rains is something that makes CTT special. It proves that all we really need to have a good time are the people around us- our CTT family.

Yesterday, we all jumped into a DeLorean and visited the 1870’s during Wild West Day. The day included events at riflery, archery; an Alka-Seltzer quick draw competition and a pie eating contest. When the day was done, the team known as the Northern Riders came away with the win. It was a fantastically planned day that everyone involved is raving over.

Luckily, our flux capacitor didn’t malfunction and today we are back in modern times. To celebrate, Jakeabel set a new personal record at breakfast by stuffing 15 Fruit Loops in his mouth.

Tonight, we will venture out with our cabins to different areas around camp and sleep under the stars. It should be a great night of bonding for campers and counselors alike. Hopefully it stays dry outside (knocking on wood at this very moment), but if it doesn’t I know we can still have a good time.

Whether we are in the cabins, in the woods, in the gym or rec hall during rainy days,incredibly hot ones and even if we get a rare July blizzard, all we need are the people. This camp is built, functions and revolves around the people that are here. It is a blast, and I am proud to be a part of it.