Mystery Night

Thursday, July 2, 2015


All day, the campers thought that the evening activity was a cabin activity night. They were all ready to have a relaxing night. Some were planning on having movie nights, while others were going to paint nails and take it easy. They all gathered around the office to find out where their location was for the night and to get their snacks (Canteen). Josh, one of our Junior Counselors was already eating the Canteen, which was candy. All of the sudden he fell over. We called Nurse Melissia to help, but it was too late.


The returning campers knew right away that it was now a Murder Mystery Night! The campers were immediately put into teams to go out and collect clues. There was a ton of stations set up around camp. Every station had clues, and a way the counselors were supposed to act. There was a dancing station set up in the rec hall. In order to get a clue, the campers had to dance. At another station, the campers had to climb to the top of one side of the rock wall to receive the first part of the clue, and climb the other side to get the other half of the clue. Two counselors were sitting out in the middle of the lake on a canoe. They were sobbing and screaming. The teams had to canoe out to them in order to interview them.


After the teams went to all of the stations, they had to write out their theory on what happened. Some teams had the motives right, but the killers wrong, and others had the motives wrong but the murderers right. A couple of teams were just completely off the wall. The winning team figured out the storyline to a T. That winning team was made up of: David, Damara, Jack G, Jacob S, Caitie, Mayson, and Brendan!


The storyline was that Kasoff was upset with Mark for making him do the Dippies dance at meals, so he attempted to poison the candy that was for Canteen. Since Mark usually puts together the Canteen, Kasoff figured that he’d help himself to some of it before it was handed out. Unfortunately, Josh got into the candy before Mark did. He died right there in front of everyone on the office porch. While the campers were avidly collecting clues, another death struck. Carl, who was extremely torn up about Josh’s death drown Jenna in the pool. Apparently he had heard Josh and Jenna arguing about flag football earlier in the day, and Carl thought that Jenna was the killer. The campers were continuing to gather information when the final death occurred. The kids found out that Mark had been run over by a mountain bike. Kasoff had come back for him after all.


The campers had so much fun with this activity. There was so much laughter and camaraderie between all ages.


Today, we are having a normal morning of activities, but we are doing clinics again in the afternoon! I’ll keep you posted on how everything goes!

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