Mysteries, Luck, Intelligence…

The evening activity schedule at CTT is, in a word, awesome.

Every night of the summer, the campers participate in a different activity. Some of them involve solving a mystery, some of them involve games of chance and odd skills and some of them make campers dig deep into their creative sides.

The mystery nights, like tonight’s human Clue game, require campers to use their brains to solve a puzzle. This evening, several counselors will dress as characters from the board game and campers will rotate to different stations to try and pry clues from people like Professor Plum (counselor Albert). Clue night has spurred some memorable memories already this year, like during first session when Collin portrayed Mr. Green as a southern curmudgeon and when Mrs. Scarlett (Lindsay) was convicted of the crime, she ran through camp with a horde of campers in tow.

The games of chance bit refers to nights like Minute To Win It, which is coming up in just a few days. Based on the popular TV game show, campers will be attempting to do seemingly simple tasks like roll marbles and make them stop on a piece of tape, sort a tray of M&M’s by color and keep two feathers in the air using only their breath. All of these things seem really easy, but when you try it they are actually pretty difficult. Some campers first session, like Jakeabel and Miller Friedman, got really frustrated when they couldn’t accomplish these seemingly easy tasks.

The creative nights are some of the most entertaining. For nights like Cheesy Skit night and Dance Through The Decades, campers team up with their cabins and try to create humorous skits. So far, Cabin G and Boy’s Tents are in the lead after winning the junior and senior divisions of Cheesy Skit Night, but winning these nights are a source of pride for a cabin. I expect the next one, which is tomorrow night, to be just as competitive as the last.

I wish the resident assistants at my college would have thought of awesome activities like this to entertain us in the evenings. Then maybe I would wear my Averett shirts as proudly as I do my CTT shirts…