Ahoy CTT Families! Yesterday was Pirate Day: a day where yer will be tested and yer strength be pushed to its limit. The campers put on their peg leg and grabbed their bird and competed in a series of challenges.

After a family-themed service to start off the day, the pirates split up into the Red Pearls, Green Peter Pan Pirates, Black Ninjas, and the Yellow Bones. Mutiny Ball, a dodgeball-esque game that combines wit and athleticism, started the day off followed by a game of Human Battleship. The pirates then were tested on their intelligence with a camp-wide Pirate Treasure Hunt to find Blackbeard’s treasure and they then went to the pool for a diving competition. The pirates then were sent to work on the pirate flags and stories that were displayed and told at the Pirate Ball: a marvelous dance where the pirates ignored competition and enjoyed each other’s company. The pirates danced and danced all night and the night ended with the judges’ announcement that the Red Pearls were the most cunning of all the pirates and the winners of Pirate Day.

Though talking and acting like a pirate is fun, the campers are now wearing normal articles of clothing and only the cabin 4 boys (and a few counselors…including me)  are still saying “Myargh!”. Boy’s League and the CTTFFL continue today as do the regular activities for the campers. Tonight, however, Camp Tall Timbers ­leaves the camp to go see the Winchester Royals play and celebrate the 4th of July with a good old-fashioned fireworks show. Fingers crossed for a Royals victory!