Murder Incorporated

Well, International Night took a very different turn last night. The night was scheduled to be a celebration of cultures but while the teams were meeting, there was a gunshot. All the sudden, I had died and the campers were then faced with the task of figuring out who my killer was. They had to go to stations around camp where philosophers, clowns, jocks, nerds, preppies, and wannabes gave the campers clues as to who the killer could have been. Suddenly, counselors Ethan and Sam died as well and all signs pointed to Flip-Flop as the killer, but right as the night was ending, Flip-Flop was mysteriously murdered and now the campers realized who the killer was. It was Glenn! Upset that I took announcements from him at lunch, he shot me. Then, Sam and Ethan were snooping around and realized Glenn killed me so Glenn had to kill them. Lastly, Flip-Flop, being the good friend that he is, was tragically upset that the JCs had been killed so he confronted Glenn, but Glenn was victorious. Thankfully, this was all acting and I am still able to write the blog to you today.

In addition to Murder Mystery Night, the CTTFFL began yesterday. The Yellow Polka-Dotted Hippopotami defeated the Orange Crush with touchdowns by Grant Leibow, Kyle Solomon, and two touchdowns by Ethan Polk-Trauman and the Red Bulls defeated the Purple Nurples thanks to a touchdown by Jordan Abel. Today, we turn the gym into a casino and have our very own Monte Carlo Night! Time to put our poker faces on.