Murder Incorporated

Just when we all thought we would have Movie in a Minute night, everything changed. The door opens and my body falls to the ground. It’s Murder Mystery Night! The campers formed into detective teams and traveled through camp to find out who it was that could have been the killer. After competing in a series of challenges and questioning, the campers returned with proof that counselor Bri was the murderer. The death was avenged and because the killer was found, I came back to life. Phew!

Yesterday was even better than the day before as we went to King’s Dominion. With the park lacking a crowd, we all got the chance to ride Dominator and Volcano multiple times on a nice cool day. Jacob Greenberg rode his first corkscrew loop-de-loop roller coaster. Kevin Shefferman ate Chick-Fil-A for the first time in his life. Miller Friedman had what he called his “best day ever” for getting a chicken hat, beating a record of his, and engaging in more storytelling than ever before. Michelle Pollowitz conquered her fear of paranormal activity by riding Flight of Fear, and Mayson and Riley Smith proved that the games at amusement parks are not impossible to win. We left right before it rained so everyone had a great and dry day at one of Virginia’s best amusement parks.

The past few days have really shown how far you can come in just a short three weeks. Campers that could barely hit the target in archery are now shooting bullseyes and those that thought layups were too hard are now shooting 3-pointers. Aiden Perman and Ryan Bernstein shot cans at riflery. Dominic Wales made a 3-point shot. Alejandro Sanz de Luis won the mountain biking time trial. Sami Zerwitz scored a goal in soccer. Jacob Sanders and Aiden Perman won games of knockout. Virgile Noli, Gabe Perman, and Nacho hit the target in archery and Jen Heiman won a game of gaga ball.

Camp is sadly coming to a close but while we are all sad about the end, we are happy to go out with a bang! Boys Leagues concluded with Albert’s Leaders of the Way as the champions. The Purple Nurples (comeback kids) and Yellow Polka-Dotted Hippopotami duke it out in the Super Bowl today and Color War is just around the corner. Tonight, we get excited for A Family Reunion to Die For, the camp play that is sure to be a smile on all of our faces. I’m excited!

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