Murder Incorporated

Britain versus America. Tis a battle that has been fought for centuries, and last night, it hit Camp Tall Timbers. We were all ready for ‘International Night’ and a celebration of different cultures when it was revealed that British administrators Emma Bean and Karina were murdered and CTT had to figure out who did it. The campers went around to each station to ask witnesses what they saw and develop a story for as to how Emma and Karina were murdered. At the end, counselor Levi, the patriotic American, was the killer as he was upset that Emma and Karina mocked him because the U.S. dollar was not as strong as the pound and he was too American to let that comment slide without a fight. Thankfully, they were both at breakfast today and we can all put this little murder thing behind us.

Some of the best meals I have are at CTT. It isn’t really the food, but the atmosphere. A few days ago, all of boys’ side walked over to the girls to sing The Righteous Brothers’ “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling.” After working hard on a new chant during Girl Power Hour, girls’ side unveiled a new “Girls Side” cheer which the boys then combated with banging on tables yelling “hey” and then changed the Yao Ming cheer to a cheer celebrating Baltimore Ravens star halfback, Ray Rice. The energetic atmosphere makes any meal delightful.

Yesterday was also the commencement of the CTTFFL. After a six-year hiatus, the Green Machine returned to the CTTFFL and won its first game against the Yellow Polka-Dotted Hippopotami and the Red Bulls defeated the Purple Nurples. In other CTT sports news, teams 5 and 6 won games of Frisbee (the team names are coming, don’t worry) and team 8 defeated team 7 in hockey in Junior Boys’ Leagues. In Senior Boys’ Leagues, the Fugly Filosoraptors won their basketball game putting them in first place in the league.

CTT is always a place for new things. Yesterday, counselor Alec Marks created a new game which combines mountain boarding and ultimate Frisbee and Marc Blitz won the first ever game of that. Ashley Stern did what golf pro, Eric, said “was very close to impossible” and drove the ball into the small ball bucket on the other side of the driving range. Max Penn, Miller Friedman, Michael Balaban, Jason Shefferman, and Ethan McCann made half-court shots in basketball and Matthew Ziegelstein (or as he now prefers, Viking Ziggy) won a game of knockout. Sydney LaPorte and Marta Juanes made it up the climbing wall and Grant Newcome shot a bullseye in archery. Lastly, Ethan Harrison shot a stuffed lion in riflery.

Today, we spend the night at the Winchester Royals baseball game to watch America’s pastime and see some fireworks to celebrate the 4th of July. Let’s play ball!

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