Movie in 5 minutes

Sunday, July 19th 2015


Hi guys! It’s been a busy weekend! Friday night, we did Movie in Five Minutes for an evening activity. Each cabin drew a movie out of a hat. They also had to draw a celebrity name out of a hat. The cabins then had to act out the movie (in five minutes) and somehow incorporate the celebrity into the skit.


Yesterday, for Saturday Activity we did World Domination Day! The camp was divided into four teams. Each team picked a color, and they were given a continent. The teams were Asia, Antarctica, Australia, and Africa. There were a ton of mini-activities planned. Each activity was set up in a different area of camp. For example, minefield was set up in the gym. The teams picked one leader, and everyone else was blindfolded. There were a variety of things lying in the team’s path, and the leader had to guide them through it without anyone stepping on anything. Whichever team won this activity was given the gym as property.


There was stations set up at the soccer field, baseball field, lake, etc. Whenever a team won an activity, they inherited that property. At the lake, the kiddos had to canoe out to the middle (with lifejackets, don’t worry) and wrestle over a greased watermelon. That was a camper favorite!


After all of the property activities, each team was given a flag to hide at one of their spots. We played a camp-wide game of capture the flag. The teams who had done better in the activities had more places to hide their flag. In the end, Australia (the blue team) won!


For an evening activity, the kiddos had a social. Each of the girls took off one shoe and put it in the middle of the gym. Each boy had to walk up and choose a shoe. The owner of the shoe was whom they were to dance with. It was a fun night!


It’s Lynn’s (counselor) birthday! Her tent girls were waiting for her to come back from her off night last night. They had signs for her. A bunch of campers made banners and brought them to breakfast. It was so sweet.


Today, we are back on a normal schedule. The girls are at Girl Power Hour, and it’ll be a good day of activities. The weather is supposed to be nice today! Tonight, the older campers are going bowling! The younger kiddos will be able to go Tuesday.