Monday, Monday.

Monday, July 27th 2015


Hi there! Yesterday in golf, Sydney S hit an amazing drive! KG swears it was at least 70 yards. Sebastian was 6 over par on the course. Jenny chipped onto the green, and Henry hit some good woods off the tee! In aerobics, Lucie and Charlotte ran the entire way up the (crazy steep) lake hill without stopping!


Last night, we did a campfire for our evening activity. We had a pudding-eating contest. A representative from every cabin came up to the front and raced another. We did a little bracket… In the finals were Geoffrey (Cabin 4) and Emily W (Cabin G)! It was an extremely close race, but Emily W came out on top!


We also had an interpretive dance competition! Each cabin made up a dance (without hearing the song they were to dance to), and came up to perform. Cabin 4 and the Tent Boys did the exact same dance; no one’s really sure which cabin copied which… but it was a good dance! For the tiebreaker, each team sent one person down for a dance-off. Geoffrey from 4 came down, and Alec from Tents was carried down by his teammates. Alec showed some pretty good moves. Geoffrey ran up and grabbed Julia (a tent girl) to come down and dance with him. It was cute. The judges ruled that Geoff was the winner.


After s’mores, something happed that the campers weren’t expecting… Mark, dressed as a werewolf came down, followed by Ziggy, Max, and Miller, who were dressed as ghosts. Last night’s real activity was Ghost Court.


The first defendant called down was Jamie Stern. Mark asked her a question, but he spoke very quickly. He then asked Jamie if she understood him. She didn’t. Mark told her she’d been accused of talking too fast. Jamie’s punishment was that she had to go in front of the camp during breakfast and recite a poem very slowly.


The next one to be called down was Charlotte Bell. She was told that her crime was interrupting people and asking a ton of questions. Because she is so inquisitive, she is dressed as a detective today. She also must say “My dear Watson…” at the beginning of every sentence.


The Cabin 4 boys like to tell a lot of secrets, so at lunch they have to (one by one) tell a personal secret about themselves to the entire camp.


Sydney S, Margaret, and Emily S were called down together. Mark let them know that their crime was being too boy-crazy! Today, they are dressed as boys. They each have on baggy shorts, sports t-shirts, baseball caps, and mustaches. At lunch today, they will each recite four reasons why boys should NEVER date girls.


Noah and Sebastian were called down together. Apparently, these two think that they’re ladies men.


Sam and Anna were also called down together. They are both very into books about wizards. Anna has an obsession about Harry Potter, and Sam likes the book Merlin. Today, they are dressed as wizards. They have to speak in spells.


Mason likes Old Bay… loves Old Bay. The kid puts it on top of everything: mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, etc. Today, he has to work on an ad for Old Bay. He has to act as a salesman and try to sell it to Bill, our head chef. If Bill likes the ad, that’s wonderful…but if Bill doesn’t like it, Mason cannot have Old Bay for the rest of the session.


Ella S, Ella P, and Freddi sing all day long (especially at rest hour). Today, everything they say must be sung.


Sydney A, Hayley S, Katherine, and Julia are always dancing around. Today, they’re performing a dance at lunchtime. If Meghan doesn’t like it, the girls’ bedtime will be 9:00 for the rest of the session! (But don’t worry… I’ve already seen their dance. It’ll be good!)


Today, we are going about our normal activities. Tonight, we’ll do a scavenger hunt for our evening activity. We’re kind of taking it easy, because TOMORROW we’ll be going to Hershey Park! The entire camp is really excited!