Meet CTT Tonight in Atlantic City

While by day, the gym is used for dodgeball and play practice, it was completely transformed at night to become the most happening boardwalk and beach in West Virginia.

Last night, each camper received a credit card with $1000 to use in Atlantic City and had the option of playing card games like Texas Hold ‘Em and Blackjack as well as Roulette and other carnival games. Other activities were offered like fortune telling, a wedding chapel, name that tune, arm wrestling, and knocking down cans. When they reached $2000, they were able to advance into playing at the High Rollers Club with complimentary Shirley Temples, Roy Rogers, and high stakes poker. At the end of the night, Ben Mendelson was the highest roller of them all with $3200 and Cabin F was the overall highest roller with an average of $1508 per camper.

I always thought that after all my time at CTT, very little would surprise me. I was wrong. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the ongoing rivalry between Boys’ side and Girls’ side at lunch, it is basically the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry times infinity. Boys tend to be the loudest at lunch chanting Ray Rice, doing Peanut Butter Jelly Time, and singing “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling” to the girls. Yesterday, however, things changed. Girls’ side did their traditional chant, but then “Boys, Boys, Boys” by Lady Gaga began playing on the speakers and every girl in the camp flooded the boys’ area of the dining hall and performed a very well-choreographed FLASH MOB dance impressing all. Maybe 2012 is the year of the Girls’ side comeback!

Yesterday also had some more expected accomplishments. Brett Richardson, who at this rate will be in the MLB by the time he is a tent boy, won another home run derby.  Laz Friedberg won a smallest splash contest. Grayson St. Aubin won the choomster contest (largest chip at Lunch!). In swimming, Charlotte Cadman won red light/green light. Carl Lasker dazzled the camp when he won a game of jail, tapeworm, and king of the court in tennis. Another fun thing about camp is watching people do things for the first time. Yesterday, Beck Mueller, Ben Barry, and Scott Barry mountain boarded for the first time and looked so happy doing it. In Boys’ League, Sam’s Fang’s Bloggers defeated Corey’s Executive Line-Item Vitos (named after their CIT and star player) in basketball and Frisbee and Albert’s Rhinoceri vanquished Toby’s Goldman-Sachs Backstabbers in the same sports.

Tonight, we head to the Winchester Skating Center for a fun night at the rink. Let’s hope I don’t fall!