Make ‘Friends’ Your New Year’s Resolution

With Christmas music playing on every corner and temperature below freezing, it’s hard to remember that just a few months ago, we had an A day and Color War was on everyone’s mind. This time of year, CTT is vacant, school is a priority, and we’re still hundreds of days away from the greatest time of year, summer. Although it is hard to play kickball in the snow, and counselor hunt is probably not as much fun in the cold, dark nights of December, we can still keep CTT in our minds.

I’m lucky because I have CTT friends that celebrate their birthdays around this time of year (tennis and Blue Team extraordinaire Sam Friedman turns a whopping 18 this week) and when I take my last final exam, I can go home to see the ol’ CTT crew. The holiday break is a great time to go see CTT friends that are only a city or state away and spend some quality time with your closest friends. I always looked forward to getting off from school and going sledding with the same people I used to go to the pool with during Free Swim. There’s nothing better than sitting around a pot of warm cocoa that mom makes and reminiscing about the camp days (mom, this is a hint, get the cocoa going). There’s also the easy New Year’s Resolution of “I will have more fun at Camp Tall Timbers this summer than I did last summer,” so that way you never have to worry about not following through with your resolution. Parents, you can always say I will have more fun while my child is away in safe hands this summer than I did last summer.

So as the Holiday Season commences and Jack Frost nips at your nose, remember the CTT family. Whether it’s been a few weeks since you have seen them or a just few days. Stay warm, stay happy, and have a can-do attitude this winter, as there are only 175 short days until CTT 2013.

Happy Holidays to all and to all, Woheelo!