I love camp!

You guys, I’m in a gushy mood. I’m so fond of camp that there’s not much space in my head for blog-style reporting on the daily happenings of this place. I feel like a camper: in the beginning, I was anxious about making friends and finding my crowd, but of course it happened without incident, and now I belong here, and it fills my heart with summertime happiness.

Yesterday was a trip day. Seniors went white-water rafting and juniors went to Cacapon State Park. It was a blast. The weather was just perfect, and everyone found something to do for their energy level and interest. Freddi Rappoport buried herself in the sand, and Taryn and Carly Dalton and Charlotte Bell and Emily Smith splashed around in the water, and then counselor Demarco started up a game of football that got so real that an off-duty lifeguard came over and reffed, and John Barnes showed off his volleyball skills, and a bunch of Cabin 4 boys played soccer in the sand, and everyone cooled off with ice cream sandwiches from the snack bar. At dinner time, we packed up our sports equipment and headed to our barbeque: breaking from their usual cabin groups, everybody sat together and savored Mark and Glenn’s famous hamburgers and hotdogs. Watermelon juice dribbled like rain as we grinned over our sweet dessert. We played tag games til dusk, and sang songs on the bus ride home, and then we collapsed into our beds, exhausted and sandy and, in my case, in love with summer.

And now everybody’s in Clinics. Experts in soccer, swimming, horseback riding, writing and martial arts are here to share their skills in intensive sessions. It’s another day, which means there’s something different, something exciting, something fun. I can’t wait to hear what my campers got up to in their sessions.