Looks Like The University Of Illinois!

Yesterday it happened. Many campers experienced the longtime CTT tradition that is only known as “it” for those who have not played before. All I can say is that the game takes place during free time behind closed doors in the gym, is open to anyone interested, involves a lot of clapping, and my kids keep asking when we’ll play “it” again.

Up at mountain boarding, Jake Welfeld, Brendan Cutick, Tyler Mostow, and Justin Welfeld all nearly made it down the challenging hill. Keegan Morrisroe and Shelby Buyalos won knock out games and Noah Braman and Ashley Stern shot bullseyes in zombie survival 102. Archery’s sister class, zombie survival 101 (riflery) saw Parker Mitchell and Simon and Nate Schwartz get head shots on paper cut-out zombies. Ben Olek, Shelby Buyalos, Ashley Stern, Taylor Antonis, Anja Schempf, Josh McConnell and Taryn Dalton all made it up the wall in climbing. Keith noted that Josh and Taryn were the youngest people to not only climb to the top but even attempt that wall all summer. Julie’s challenge course class “made it out of the bad house”. My goal for the end of the summer is to figure out what actually happens in challenge course. Taryn Dalton, Jaclyn Welfeld, Carly Dalton, and Livia Lampal all fished for the first time. I was psyched how they all picked it up really quickly for campers that young.

Jerry Smith received a special announcement for beating golf master Sean in a putting competition. In basketball, Holden Cook and Matthew Van Aken won games of knock out. Albert’s soccer class saw Jake Welfeld and Keegan Morrisroe win World Cup playing as the country Israel.

The evening activity was home alone night. The counselors created a variety of scenarios that kids would do while home alone. The activities included throwing pudding at Ethan, pillow sumo wrestling (something that Alex and I still do while home alone), writing on the walls, balloon toss, a fashion show, “trash the yard”, make-your-own-ice cream, and a dance party. Oliver Schwartz and Meier Parr won the balloon toss and Justin Welfeld dominated any challenger in pillow sumo. Tonight is cheesy skit night. After narrowly losing to Girls Tents in MTV night, Dan and I will be working with my kids all day to take home the victory.

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