Live Theater is the Trade

Look out Broadway, CTT is sending some campers your way. Last night was Cheesy Skit Night soap opera style where each cabin or tent group received a line and had to perform a soap opera featuring that line. Each skit was funny and dramatic in its own way and nobody disappointed.

Cabin G had the line, “that’s not an elephant, it’s a time machine” and told a story narrated by Krista Ross-Black where the girls transported to the wild west, Jurassic Period, and finally, the afterlife. The best skit from Girls’ side was Cabin B, or according to their skit, Salon B. Their skit featured all their campers sitting on chairs and pretended to get manicures and facials whilst gossiping until their line, “the cake is a lie” was uttered causing the entire audience to erupt into laughter. Cabin 1 was given the line, “I didn’t kill your mother, in fact, I AM your mother” and their skit was about a hobo that gave Aaron Foster a note saying that his mom was dead. After the despair, Jack Clauss, as the mother, appeared to inform Aaron, and the audience, that she, in fact, was not dead, much to everyone’s relief. The winner of the night was Cabin 8 who had the “most soap opera-y” skit of them all with the line, “I have a confession: I am secretly in love with your evil twin brother.” The skit was a romance between Justin Dryer and Reid Madison where everything was going swimmingly until Justin revealed his true feelings and crushed Reid’s heart.

Yesterday also featured some non-drama related accomplishments. Adam Lampal, Oliver Walke, and Sam Hu shot bullseyes at archery. Simon Rosenthal rode a horse at full gallop. Crawford and Ewan Hemmis successfully climbed the rock wall. Scott Sakura and Brendan Cutick won a driving contest and Jerome Williams, Josh McConnell, and Sam Jewell all caught frogs!

Tonight is Cabin Activity Night where, after having been at camp for a couple days together, cabins choose an area of camp to have fun and create those special bonds that last a lifetime. Let’s go!