A little rain doesn’t bother us.

Friday, August 7th 2015

Hi guys! Yesterday, the older campers spent the day rafting on the river. We planned to take the younger ones to Cacapon State Park to do some swimming, but the weather wasn’t on our side. Instead we did rainy day activities!

There were four stations set up. In the gym, they played dodgeball. On the gym mats, they played mafia, bang bang, and other games. In the rec hall, they played gaga ball, and they also did arts and crafts in the art shack. For evening activity, we set up a projector screen in the pavilion. The kiddos watched Garfield. Even though the day wasn’t what we had originally planned, it was still fun for everyone involved.

This morning, Bill stayed true to his promise. He did dippies for the first time!

Today, it’s still rainy. For this morning, the outdoor activities have been moved inside. Classes have been combined, but for classes like drama games that’ll just make them more fun! I think they’re playing Trivial Pursuit in the rec hall, and basketball in the gym. Don’t worry though, the counselors we have here on staff can make anything fun. And these kids have the most positive attitudes; they’re always looking to make things fun too.