Lights, Music and Neon Spandex

Last night was a quick blast of loud music, a sudden flash of neon clothing, a stiff breeze as someone sped by and the ensuing crash of a body hitting the floor because CTT boarded the buses and went roller skating.

As soon as we got there, it became very apparent which ones of us were veteran campers and counselors. These individuals, like Lindsay Heiman, Adam Gersh and other veterans pulled on skates and began easily zooming around the track as soon as we arrived. Others, like the young men of the Buffalo Village, the girls of cabins A & B and myself, considered it a major feat to be able to even stand on the skates.

Some people took some time at the rink to play some video games. Admin Mike spend a substantial amount of time playing a basketball shooting game, but one determined camper was able to make a long-lasting mark on the game. Eric Morrell stepped to the line with the goal of beating the high-score of 66.

When we left the rink, Eric owned the record. He smashed the previous record by 10 points, finishing with 76. So it wasn’t only a flamboyant and fun night for those of us at CTT, for some of us it became a record-breaking evening.

Before the skating adventure, another game of the Camp Tall Timbers Baseball League was played on the diamond in the center of camp. The Red Sox and the Wildcats faced off, with the league lead at stake for the Sox.

When it was all over, the Sox cruised to a 10-4 win over the Cats and a one-game lead in the CTTBL. The highlight of the game was when Bobby Jaffe, who was filling in for counselor Krista, made an amazing double play at second base by snagging a sharply hit line drive and then diving to the bag to tag out counselor Bill.

This sets up a showdown between the Red Sox and the Yankees. If the Yanks win, the division will be tied. If the Sox take it, they will have a commanding two-game lead. The camp waits in anticipation for the next round of CTTBL play…

One lucky camper became a father yesterday. Kind of.

Ben Mendelson was sitting on his bunk during rest hour when a fly landed on him. He swiped it away, but before he did the fly managed to give birth to a maggot on him! So congratulations to Ben and the Mendelson family on their new tiny, white parasitic addition!

In preparation for our trip to the ballpark on Friday night, several players from the Winchester Royals are coming to camp today to hang out with us during free play and maybe give us some tips on how we can improve as players. It says a lot for these guys to come out and do this, and I know all of the baseballers around camp are eager to learn an inside trick or two from some real pros. This should prove to be another neat and informative day for all of our campers.

Well, that is the word around camp. We all had a blast skating and can’t wait for our next outing, although sitting around camp isn’t too shabby either.

The Royals will be here soon, and I’m trying to go get some help fielding grounders…