Lights Camera Action!

After a rigorous day of sports, aquatics, and all other activities, it is nice to just be able to sit down and enjoy a night of theater. Last night, CTT did just that as it was Cheesy Skit Night: TV Family style. Each cabin was given a family from a popular television show to act out and nobody disappointed. In 3rd place, the Girls Tents acted out a hilarious version of Keeping up with the Kardashians with Taylor Dennison as Kim. There was a tie for first place as both Cabin 78 and Cabin 1 received perfect scores. Cabin 1 made an adorable CTT version of Rugrats with their counselor Nathan as the dad and the rest of the cabin as the Pickles and Finsters as they searched for Lil throughout Camp Tall Timbers. Cabin 78 performed an episode of Modern Family with Jake Abel as Jay and Pablo Zavala Saez as a humorous and fairly accurate Gloria. After a clap-off to decide a winner, Cabin 78 earned the title of cheesiest cabin and for the first time ever, won a Cheesy Skit night trophy.

Yesterday also featured accomplishments from other cabins as well. Cabin 1 completed all of their challenge course activities and Girls Tents played and succeeded in field hockey for the first time and Reece Dennison won a hitting contest. Ethan McCann caught a fish. In addition to learning his first guitar chords, Aaron Morris climbed the climbing wall in under thirty seconds. Jen Heiman won a game of jail in tennis. Adam Dunham got a bullseye in riflery. Displaying his many talents, Joe Balaban won a game of knockout in archery as well as learning his first guitar chords to play “Call Me Maybe.” In one of the first football games of the summer, Aaron Forest caught two interceptions for touchdowns. Miller Friedman was an MVP goalie in the legendary B-2 Hockey class.  Sydney Alloy, another multi-talented camper, hit a golf ball for the first time yesterday as well as playing guitar for the first time. Lastly, Matt Kasoff shot not just one, but two bullseyes in two shots at the archery range yesterday.

Today, Boys Leagues (now with a Juniors and Seniors league) begins where all of boys side is divided into teams and competes in a different sport each time they meet, and Camp Tall Timbers Flag Football League (CTTFFL) teams are made. Even though it is only our first “C” day, CTT feels like a second home even to all those new campers. First-time camper Malec Sayyad said, “It’s like there’s nothing I can’t do here.  It’s a good thing we got three more weeks,” just to illustrate how much fun it is here.  Tonight, we have Cabin Activity Night to solidify bonds in the cabins that are sure to last a lifetime.

Be sure to check out the first episode of GMTT that you can find on CTT’s Facebook and YouTube pages and let’s have another great day!

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  1. Jeff Friedman
    Jeff Friedman says:

    Hi Alex, Your most recent blog referred to a “Miller Friedman”. Could that have been my son “Max Friedman”? I know he loves hockey so it sounded like him.

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