Let’s Dance

Tuesday, June 30th 2015


Hi there! Yesterday, the campers had another full day of activities! In dance class, Euan taught the kids a traditional Scottish dance. He played some Scottish music, and everyone really got into it. It was fun to be a part of. The mountain biking class had a long ride yesterday that included a big hill! The upper field activities class played some football, working specifically on passes and catches.


The Purple and Red teams played against one another in flag football. They were pretty evenly matched up. The Purple team came hot right out of the gate. They worked hard with one another. In the second half, the Red team started to come back, but they ran out of time. The Purple team won.


The ping-pong tournament also started up yesterday. We have a huge bracket posted outside of the dining hall. Almost 50 people signed up to play!


For the evening activity, there was a campfire down by the lake. They created skits by cabin. Each group was given a location where their skit had to take place. One group was given outer space, while another was given the wild west. The campers then roasted marshmallows, made s’mores, and sang songs before it was time for bed.


Dippies are a Camp Tall Timbers tradition. Kids wake up at eight and run down to the pool. They jump in and swim across one time to wake themselves up. Lately, there haven’t been many campers participating. Matt Kasoff is one of our Junior Counselors and an avid dippy participant. He made a deal with the campers that if at least 29 people showed up for dippies, he would dance every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch for the rest of the session. This morning, there were 36 campers that participated in dippies! Mr. Kasoff will be showing us his high-quality dance moves today at lunchtime.


We also had Girl Power Hour and Boys’ League this morning! The boys played games of dodgeball in the gym. The girls met on the gym mats for a cheerleading session. They learned a short cheer dance. They also were able to practice stunts. All of the girls were excited to get involved in one way or another. Mayson, Cora, and Damara all made it into full extensions as flyers! They also learned how to cradle out of the stunts. It was a fun experience.


Tonight, we are taking the campers bowling! I’ll update you tomorrow on how it all goes!