Last Blog!

Every session at Camp TT seems to get marked by different things, and usually it happens when nobody’s noticing. All day I’ve had this song Lollipop by Mika in my head, that people have been playing all over camp this session, and I just realized that whenever I hear it from here on out I’ll probably think about this summer. A big phrase this session was “Yeah boys’ tents.” This was the session that counselor Mike Conti was into laser combing his hair, the Mookie Mobile was introduced, and the tent boys decided to write home and ask if they could shave their heads. I know I didn’t blog about it much or maybe at all, but it was the session that cemented my love for a game that Emma and I like to play called Pass the Pigs. The Blue team adopted the saying “Whatch-u talkin’ ‘bout Blue-wis?” and crossed their arms and huddled together whenever they said it. I’ve been trying to commit to memory the things everyone does that are so funny, and it’s so hard to remember all that I tell myself to. I think what I always take away most is that it is all really funny – there’s this easy sense of humor and that weaves through CTT, and I don’t know whom it starts or ends with, but it’s always here.

It’s been a whirlwind day. Color War culminated at lunch, with songs, chants, and two outstanding plaques. Santa’s White Fluffy Beard had the first ever 4-dimensional plaque, which consisted of 3-D layered art and Ryan Clifford’s watch (giving it the fourth dimension of time). Blue Fresh’s plaque was a stage made with real stage lights (polystyrene cups with christmas lights inside) and an ipod on the back that played boy band music. While we waited for the judges’ decision, I heard some people on the blue team point out to some white team people that the sky is blue, and the white team people saying back that the clouds are white. In the end…Blue won the song, White won the cheer, and Blue won the plaque, making Blue Fresh this session’s Color War champs. People were jumping on each other and hugging, and then within about five minutes it was on to the next thing, and behind us.

I went down to Free Swim and saw Counselor James do an epic bellyflop. When it was time for everyone to get out, the counselors started yelling “Get out of the pool! It’s lunchtime!” and diving for campers in slow-mo to pull them toward the ladders. The campers tried to dodge them and laughed, it was cute.

We had a loomster champ at lunch: Juliet Mullins. Girls’ Side created a ‘smoomster’ competition for smallest fry, which backfired when Boys’ Side Ryan Clifford won. It was announced that, after two weeks of all the campers looking for it, Evan Cook’s camouflaged water bottle was found on the golf course. All the announcements were done in cracked voices today.

I just came from the Art Shack, where cabin groups are working on their plaques. Others are packing up and getting ready for tonight’s banquet, which always includes special food Debbie and the crew have cooked, decorations by the tent girls, and Snoopy pops for dessert. Afterward, we’ll have plaque presentations, golden feather awards, and a slideshow — with music — of all the pictures from the session. As excited as I am to get home, I have a bit of a heavy heart this afternoon. I know a lot of campers feel the same about ending the session and saying goodbye until next year.

Anyway, I’ve had a lot of fun writing the blog this summer. It’s given me an excuse to eavesdrop, ask questions, get to know your kids better, and have a beautiful time. Thanks a lot for reading.

All the best, Jodi