Our Last B day :(

Wednesday, July 8th 2015


Hi guys! Monday, we had our last day of B Day activities! I’m glad to say that most of the people who were ghost courted followed up with their penalties. It was a fun day. For an evening activity, we did Disney Mash-up! Instead of the groups being divided by cabins, we randomly assigned them. Each group picked three Disney movie titles out of a hat. They had to then morph the three storylines into one and make a skit. For example, one group did a mash-up of Mulan, Up, and Aladdin.


In the end, there were two teams with equally good skits. For a tiebreaker, they were instructed to tell and act out a story in which Shrek and Cinderella fell in love.


Yesterday, we took the kiddos to Kings Dominion Amusement Park! We woke up early for breakfast and found out what our official groups for the day were. The campers were able to sign up for the groups they wanted to be in. Some groups were for the extreme roller coasters, some were just water rides, and others were the easier rides. Everyone was able to have a say in whom they wanted to be with all day and what they wanted to do. The groups were especially cool, because the counselors who usually worked with the younger campers were able to work with the older ones, and vice versa.


A coach bus came to pick us up. Since it was a considerable drive (2.5 hours), we were able to watch a movie (Night at the Museum) on the way there. Guys, we had such a blast. A lot of campers (and counselors) were successful with the carnival games. We brought back a ton of prizes and stuffed animals! The day was absolutely full of laughter and smiles. Personally, this was my favorite day so far.


I can’t believe that the end of first session is so close. Yesterday, I had a really fun group. We had so much fun… but none of those campers were mine. At the end of the day, I couldn’t wait to see the girls who are in my cabin. I hadn’t even gone an entire day without them, and I missed them. These last few weeks have absolutely flown by! If I may speak for my coworkers, we are not ready to say goodbye to these kids.