King’s Dominion Recap

After a huge day at King’s Dominion, everyone in camp was grateful for the late wake-up this morning. We were all really tired after returning around 11 p.m., but I think it was worth the late night and the long ride.

Campers and counselors boarded chartered buses at 9 a.m. Tuesday morning. After a lengthy ride on the highway and lunch on the bus, we arrived at the theme park for a day of roller coasters, water slides, a hot sun and extremely overpriced food (if you’ve never been there, think $3.75 for a 20 oz. soda).

For my group, which consisted of Jakeable, Miller, Brandon Kagen, Ziggy and a few other big names, the day began at a big, blue piece of terrifying-looking twisted metal appropriately named The Dominator. I was, in fact, dominated by The Dominator and sat with the bags as I watched my group climb aboard. One group, led by Adam Gersh, were not intimidated and successfully dominated the Dominator by riding it four times.

After stops at the equally menacing Anaconda, terribly frightening Volcano, the ferocious Grizzly and the rather tame attraction known as Scooby-Doo’s Haunted Mansion (my favorite of the day) we hopped on some water rides. Most groups followed the same pattern but in slightly different orders. The one thing we all had in common is that the day at King’s Dominion flew by too fast, but we had a whale of a time while we were there.

Emily and Nicole took their first roller coaster ride of their lives and Jennifer Heiman went on her first ever ride that goes upside down (which was, respectfully, the Flight of Fear). Ethan McCann won a huge stuffed bear in the first game he played, Hannah Sherman made off with a giant monkey and someone gave Twix’s group a giant husky dog.

We all spent way too much money in the various gift stores and candy shops. Several boys from the BV purchased custom trucker hats and I bought a giant bag full of tasty gummy treats.

As we boarded the buses and left, it was tough to believe the day was over. From my perspective, the day began with Barry Manilow, included some rides that were almost as terrifying as Mark’s singing along with the aforementioned crooner and ended with McDonald’s. In that context it seems an incredibly bizarre day, but it really was another lifelong memory made at/with CTT. I’m sure the campers will tell you the same.

Now with King’s Dominion in the past the big thing completely blocking the horizon is Color War. And after that comes the day none of us want to think of- the end of the session and leaving CTT.