Just One Look and Whisper, We’re Gone

The end of 1st session is the definition of bittersweet. On the one hand, we get a trip to King’s Dominion, get to see a dance show and play, and Color War. On the other, of course, sadly, CTT 1st session 2013 ends.

Looking back, it is impossible not to smile. We got to see the dashing couple of Max Penn and Shayna Allentoff dazzle people in A Family Reunion to Die For as well as Zach LaPorte and Ryan Bernstein showing that they could be the best Texan squirrel hunters imaginable. Sam Swindell, Gentry Stromer, and Maddi Gehring danced to Imagine Dragons beautifully and Sami Zerwitz demonstrated her artistic talent winning the tye-dye competition. Trevor Gardemal will be remembered for playing Hendrix-esque guitar solos every C-5 while Jacob Greenberg and Jeremy Goldstein maintain their title as some of the politest and nicest campers CTT has.

Who can forget Boys Tents performing songs from A Chorus Line on the spot or the creation of UltiSoccerMate, a combination of rugby and ultimate Frisbee that is one of the most active games currently at CTT? I won’t forget Javier Ripio singing songs in his high voice or Aiden Perman always trying to go fishing at every moment in the session. Soon we say goodbye to the “chief” game, a ladylike game created by Girls Tents that when one of them burps, they slap someone’s knee and say “chief.” A last set of special shoutouts to Max Penn and Sami Zerwitz who made valiant efforts to be in the blog daily and while they sometimes weren’t, I still commend them on their efforts, Matt Kasoff and Miller Friedman for always smiling, and Jesse Alloy and Alex Goldstein for being great CITs and letting me rest assured that the camp will be in great hands for years to come.

Here at camp, things slowly come to a close and we’re preparing for that fateful day tomorrow where eyes are teary and bags are packed. The CTTFFL ended with the Purple Nurples winning the Jerry Smith Trophy (COMEBACK OF THE CENTURY!). Color War ended today with the Bluce Springsteen: Hitchhiker of the Bluniverse (yes, I do wish I had that name when I was general) defeating the White Awesome (Attacking White Eskimos Slaying Orange Magic Elves). Then, we finish the Ping-Pong tournament, have our last banquet, say a few words about our time, and leave.

So with this final blog entry of First Session 2013 I say farewell. For the past three years, I have been able to basically write about my life and time here at CTT, which has been made exponentially better with everything your kids have done. I love the comments daily about what you are thinking and the noting of my Springsteen references in the title (the last session the blog will be Springsteen-centric for a long time). Once again, thanks, goodbye, and be prepared for some stories and smiles and a countdown with less than 364 days to CTT 2014. We’re all waiting with anticipation. Wohelo.

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  1. Maura Beard
    Maura Beard says:

    Thanks so much for your awesome blog Alex! I look forward to it every day, and it always brings a smile to my face to hear about all of the antics at camp. Thanks for helping us parents feel like we are there with CTT each day. Thanks again – Devon’s mom

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