Just a Quick Recap..

As the third and final week of session two looms ahead of us, I thought it would be neat to look back at the first two weeks and talk about some of the highlights that haven’t made it into the daily blog. They certainly deserved to be in the blog and receive recognition, but if every feat was covered I would be posting a novel every day and I’m sure you would all get fired because you would have to spend all day reading this instead of working.

So in order to give these campers their proper recognition and bragging rights (as well as making sure you all keep your jobs), we will have a little catch-up session.

First off, I’d like to address the lack of coverage of the flag football league. It is my fault. My Red Bulls have had a rough session and it conjures bad memories to talk about it. But, since we got our first win the other day over the Orange Crush I feel it is time to talk about the play of the year so far.

J-Man was at center for the Crush in the aforementioned game against the Bulls. In our league the center isn’t allowed to go out for passes, which makes this play all the more spectacular.

On fourth down, the Crush quarterback dropped back and tried to find a receiver over the middle. Bulls defensive back Evan Cook drew a bead on it and attempted to knock the pass down. He made solid contact and sent the ball back in the quarterback’s direction. The batted ball popped high into the air and right into the arms of an unsuspecting J-Man.

Since a defensive player smacked the ball into his hands the center was allowed to run with it. He took off around the left end and made a line for the first down cone. Several Bulls stood in the 15-yard stretch to the cone, but J-Man wove, ducked, dodged, juked and powered his way past the cone for the first down. It was without question the best play of the season so far.

A certain sect of campers and counselors are extremely dedicated to a special type of madness known as Dippies. This is a group of people who jump out of bed as soon as the 8 a.m. bell rings and sprint to the pool for an early morning swim. There are certain people who do it everyday, but they always seem to be lobbying for more females to join them.

Well, today they got them. In what was probably the highest turnout of females at Dippies in a long time, the entire population of cabin G reported to the pool this morning. This was a big deal for the usual Dippers, but the girls said this was a one-time thing (much to the disappointment of Chris Brown and Trow).

And a few more highlights, although briefly-

Stephanie and Masha climbed the wall for the first time this week. Word has it they were scared senseless and Steph screamed most of the way up, but they did it.

Javier swam the length of the entire pool under water without stopping to take a breath.

Dozens have people have caught and named fish, the last being Miguel who christened his new friend as Jack.

Counselor Noah caught a sock. At the lake. With a fishing pole.

A-Tom invented a game. And won the game.

And finally-

-Enrique the Super Spaniard did something incredibly athletic.

The problem with choosing what to include in the blog is tricky. Everyday, all of these kids are doing great things and having the time of their lives. With over 100 campers, I do the best I can to give you just an inkling of what they all experience when they come here. Even if I don’t mention everyone by name, just know that when I speak about this camp being a home for all of us and the people being our CTT family I am talking about them as well.

With this phenomenon known as Color War looming on the horizon as well as a trip to Hershey Park, there are tons more memories to be made. Hopefully, I can do this place justice and give you a glimpse of the amazing place CTT is, and help you get to know the even more amazing people that inhabit this place.