Junior Campfire

Remember how I have this constant obsession with how much awesome is constantly going on in this place? It’s happening again. I’m just so impressed with the way everything comes together in a big pile of awesome. Last night something new happened: we split up along junior/senior lines, and the seniors went bowling, and the juniors went down to the lake for a campfire. Tonight, the groups will switch: the little ones will be out of camp, bowling their hearts out, and the seniors will be at the lake.

I was a little nervous about having a campfire with just the younger kids, but honestly it was my favorite campfire so far. All the kids were at the same level. We did nature portraits, which meant splitting into groups and making portraits of your favorite counselor using sticks, stones and other things from nature. The creativity was exceptional. I was personally a fan of the 3D, sitting-up sculpture of Demarco, but my co-judge felt that the use of just logs was tired, and we ultimately awarded the prize (getting S’mores first) to Nathaniel’s group. With a rocky head and seaweed hair and goatee, the sculpture was a startlingly accurate rendition of everyone’s favorite Dippies lifeguard.

We then moved into skits, in the same groups. We began with the bad news: your group has been stranded on a deserted island, and you have to use this one prop (a Sharpie, flipflops, a ping pong paddle etc) to escape. (By the way, side note: Mark Clark, admin extraordinaire, just dropped an intact snake skin on my keyboard and told me to write about it, and I am nothing if not responsive to my supervisors, sooo…) The skits went really well. Arhan’s group won, which was predictable (he IS the drama counselor after all), but they deserved it. Their flip flops were magical and turned into a boat. It was epic.

I’ll let you know how bowling goes tonight, but I’m sure it will be awesome.

Other Camp Tall Timbers Happenings 

–       In swimming, Mayson Smith performed an epic bellyflop

–       Yolanda Fan made it to the top of the wall for the first time

–       Silky Spain won in futsal; Freddi Rappoport was the MVP

–       Sebastian Fischbach and Henry Golub won knockout in basketball