It’s Almost Rollerskating Time

The sun woke me up this morning, but by the time we all met on the gym mats for yoga the clouds were rolling in, and it started raining during breakfast. Then the sun came out again and it was a bright hot day in time for Free Swim.

Rather than regular activities, we’ve been having special ones. This morning there was an Egg Drop, where ten teams had to use things such as bubble wrap, cardboard, and foam to wrap up an egg before dropping it off the gym stairs (without breaking it). For this afternoon, campers were allowed to sign up for two major activities. I am sad to say not many of them signed up for Storytelling! But for what it’s worth, I made a Camp TT mad libs, and we will be playing something called Desert Island, in which the campers will make up characters who are stranded on a desert island and trying to get off of it by telling the most intriguing story about how they got there. Other activities include wet dodge ball (played with sponges), water polo, making bracelets/necklaces, and hiking.

Now that the Knitties have gotten the hang of knitting, we have gotten into the habit of talking a lot while we knit. Some recent topics include: riddles, ninja worms (what they are and whether they really exist), interesting anecdotes from our lives, and deep thoughts. The deepest thought of today was whether, if you are trying to get somewhere, and you are constantly closing half the distance–as in, going half,  then another half of that, and another half of that — will you ever get there? We unanimously decided that, sadly, no you will not, but that that blows our minds.

I joined some counselors for a night out last night — to have dinner and see the new Batman movie. We sat at Chipotle and talked about –what else?–camp. We talked about how it has shaped all our lives. Mushy but true. We also talked about tacos vs. burritos. We stopped at Sonic on the way home for ice cream and were served by a waitress in rollerskates. We unanimously loved the movie.

Announcements: Much to counselor Chris Brown’s chagrin, he continues to be dominated in staring contests by camper Matt Kasoff. The boys won last night’s activity, Battle of the Sexes, and gave a special shout out to camper Alex Fang this morning for his inexhaustible knowledge of pop culture. It is almost time for the Ping Pong Tournament.

I sat in the pavilion today and observed the Fantasy Football Darft, mostly so I could blog about it. I didn’t understand a thing that was going on but it was really fun to watch. There was a team at each table, led by a counselor being advised by a small group of campers on whom to draft. Volunteers Reece Dennison and counselor Sami wrote the draft picks on a huge paper on the wall, and I must say their handwriting was excellent. Each group would make it’s pick and then the other tables would find some way to tease them about it.

Rollerskating tonight!