If You Feel Like Dancin’ Then Come Along

There are many days at camp when I say we don’t teach enough history lessons. Yesterday, that changed at the 4th of July Campfire. Retelling the story of the Revolutionary War, British counselors Toby, TV, and Alex were attacked by American counselors Nick and Erin and their boat sank leading to an American victory to start off the campfire. The America-themed campfire continued with patriotic skits. Max Penn starred in his skit as a salesman for Americanizers for British counselors and Nathan Allentoff advertised Dunkin Donuts like a true American. After the skits, there was a Patriotic Fashion Show where each cabin put forth a camper to show who loved America the most. John Barnes arrived in an American flag towel only to remove it to reveal his red, white, and blue outfit. Devon Cantor brought his entourage of cabin 4 to illustrate Americans always have backup only to be topped by Jake Abel who brought backup dancers and paparazzi. The night, like all great campfires, ended with s’mores, with Jessica Hymer cooking what longtime camp administrator, Emma Knox, called the best s’more ever.

After the popularity of Choose Your Adventure Day yesterday, it is a making a reprise today while our older campers go go-karting, the younger campers can choose from riflery, tubing, swimming, Frisbee golf, and going on our zipline. Tonight is Jive Through the Genres night where each cabin gets a genre and choreograph a dance to a song or songs from that genre. Tomorrow is probably going to be one of my favorite days in CTT history. After a decade of attending and working at this camp, I get to be in charge of the first ever Camp Tall Timbers Star Wars Day. With Jedi Training, Death Star Disabling, and more activities to defeat the Empire, tomorrow will be a great day for us all. May the force be with us!