Huddled On The Beach

Rocks. Perhaps the simplest game in history, and yet it was one of the best parts of yesterday’s trip to Cacapon State Park. Whilst seniors went white water rafting through Harper’s Ferry, the rest of the camp went to Cacapon for a fun day on the beach. Upon arrival, the campers rushed into the water for Rocks. For those of you who are not familiar with Rocks, which I assume is most, it is a game where you try to keep the volleyball up in the air for as long as possible and when the ball hits the water, you yell, “ROCKS!” and lay at the bottom of the water, like a rock. It is exponentially more fun than it sounds, trust me.

Our day at the beach was filled with other fun activities. CTT legend Dean Lawless made his triumphant return to camp and led a group in a Frisbee throwing competition. The younger boys buried each other in sand and Nathan Allentoff won the award for “most buried.” The beach also gave way for pickup soccer and football games and everyone had a good time.

After a cookout, CTT had its first camp-wide rock-paper-scissors competition and Ryan Kalata was the winner. Last night was also the debut of a new game, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Introduced by counselor and AP U.S. History scholar Corey Greenwald, the campers are divided into two teams and each turn, they pick a sign and whichever team wins, has to tag the other team. Vampires beat werewolves, werewolves beat Abraham Lincoln, and obviously, Abraham Lincoln beats vampires.

Our trip to Cacapon was a special day for me as well. I try not to delve into my personal life in the blog, but yesterday was one of the best days of my life. Since I was nine, I had seen admin extraordinaire Mark Clark grill burgers for trips and I, like many other former campers, was determined to share a grill with him. Yesterday, that happened, and it was glorious. To all those former CTT people that read this blog, just know that you too can cook with Mark Clark if you bother him enough.

Due to the sweltering heat, we have an afternoon pool party today and then the debut of a new evening activity, Spy School Night. Let’s see who the best spy of them all is!