How To Save A Life…

If you’ll remember, last week I wrote about the battle between the various morning groups at CTT and their constant struggle to prove themselves the best. It all began with dippies, who are the crazies that jump into the pool first thing in the morning. They were then challenged by runnies, a group that likes to get up in the morning and go for a jog.

Despite the over-achievers’ persistence, the winning group with the most people has been and always will be sleepies, who are the folks who sleep through all the action and wait until the breakfast bell to begin the day.

I bring all this back to your attention because dippies scored a major advantage today over the other groups. While the runnies contingent was trotting and sleepies people were dozing, the dippers noticed a small ball of wet fur in the pool.

The ever-curious AM aquatic-lovers decided to investigate. They discovered a small chipmunk furiously trying to escape the pool, doggy paddling (chipmunky-paddling?) with all of his might to find an exit. The dippies crew saw that it would be near impossible for him to escape the chlorinated water, so they scooped him up, named him Bob, and returned him to his natural habitat.

Thanks to the kind hearts of the dippers, Bob the chipmunk can now live out the rest of his days in the area around the pool or anywhere else he decides to go at CTT (assuming he learns to avoid the pool itself).

Because of Bob’s misfortune, the dippies gang saved a life today. So they win the morning activities battle for Tuesday, at least.

Last night was Monte Carlo night, and the normal, everyday campers turned into George Clooney/Doyle Brunson-style gamblers for a night of gaming, betting, impromptu weddings and loud music. There were some blackjack tables, a poker table, a roulette wheel, a dice game and a few other things to occupy the boys and girls for the evening.

The boys who live in tents won the cabin competition, edging out cabin H by a mere two-dollar average. This was surely due to the fact the Schwartz brothers spent most of the night at the poker table and came away with a lot of big money. They proved themselves the best of the gamblers and took home the bragging rights.

I am preparing myself for pain tonight because we are jumping on the buses and going skating. The kids look forward to this night for the entire session even if my knees and elbows dread it. It will be a fun night though because the people at the rink always play some sweet music for us. The food is cheap, there is a pool table and not to mention we will be hanging out with all of our best friends.
Come to think of it, I’m looking forward to this evening too, despite the fact that I may have to spend the evening at Winchester Memorial…