Hooray, We’re Back!

After a brief 365 days, here we are back at Camp Tall Timbers for Third Session 2013! In a mere couple of days, cabins are uniting, campers are exceling at all CTT has to offer, and there isn’t a single sad-looking face in all of camp.

Before I get too deep into all the fun we’re having here at CTT, let me give all of you new readers a brief introduction about me. My name is Alex Fang and this is my tenth summer here at Camp Tall Timbers and after that first bus ride from Pikesville Middle School back in 2004. I have actually spent a full year of my life at this camp (53 weeks and counting!) and every year I look forward to spending my summer vacation with your children and at this great camp. You’ll hear a lot from me over the next few weeks so let’s get to the campfire.

Last night, we had our annual tradition of a “Welcome Campfire” complete with the teachings of old CTT traditions like our camp song, “Friends, Friends, Friends,” the signature CTT hug, and of course, s’mores. The campfire began with the classic camp song, “Boom Chick-a Boom,” but instead of passing it with many styles, it was led by counselor Tim Allen and went through underwater, custodial, astronaut, Valley girl, and more styles. Keeping with the new activities at campfire, we had the first ever Third Session Camp Tall Timbers Nature Portraits where each cabin had to use what they could find in the surrounding area (sticks, rocks, hay, etc.) and make a portrait of their counselor. The winner of the night was Cabin 3 who used firewood to make their counselor Albert’s body, and grass to make a hair and skateboard.

After the stunning Nature Portraits™, it was time for cabin introductions.  Cabins 1 and 2 stated that they lived in a zoo and each had an animal noise. Following the announcement that introductions can involve planes, water, and opera, Cabin B hit the nail on the head by having a crash landing, opera, and boat. Cabin G talked about how their campers are the best campers that their counselors could have. Cabin 3 did chants about their campers and attributes about each, with Crawford Hemmis excitedly saying how much he loved video games. Cabin 4 had puns with each of their names. Cabin 5 grunted about each of their campers and explained that they are the best cabin. Cabin 8 answered random questions to show their true colors like “You gave birth to the first unicorn, what is its name?” Girls Tents did their introductions in French and Boys Tents retold the story of The Hunger Games with Oliver Schwartz (following in his brothers’ footsteps) playing Katniss and Meier Parr as Peeta. Following the cabin introductions, it was time for songs as we sang “Wagon Wheel” and “Country Roads.” By the end of the campfire, we were all closer as a camp singing songs and eating s’mores.

The campfire was not just the only place at CTT where all had fun. Campers have been setting new records and accomplishing new things since day one. Kyle Foster, Max Shugerman, and Zach Buchalter shot bullseyes. Reid Madison and Ethan Fannon won a driving contest in golf. Kyle Foster and Michael Godek shot cans in riflery and Oliver Walke is proving that he is the best Frisbee player in camp shooting a hole in one and getting a -3 on the Frisbee golf course.

Camp is just starting to get into full swing. Today, we have our first full day of activities and with an influx of British counselors this year, the CTT futsal tournament will be happening soon as well. All in all, I am 100% positive this will be my, and everyone’s, best summer yet.

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