Home Alone

Well, the parents are back and Home Alone Day has ended, but it was still a very fun and successful day. The day began with an obstacle course where the kids had to go from the upper fields to the gym without their “parents” seeing them and then had a “food fight” in the form of dodgeball. After a quick break, the kids got to go to their parents’ closet to get clothing and make-up to dress up. Once the kids got a new wardrobe, they had to prepare for a fashion show and Ryan Bernstein, Taylor Dennison, Max Penn, Jakeabel, Christian Guilloty, and Ashlyn Morrisroe were the fabulous and elegant models of the day. With their parents gone, the kids had a game of Hide and Seek throughout the whole camp and ended the night with a big pool party before the parents got home.

Today, the campers practice their skits for Dance Thru the Decades night. Each cabin is assigned a decade and genre within that decade and has to perform a dance or skit to a song from that decade and must also feature a special guest from that era. Let’s see what crazy skits come up tonight!