Hit The Storm

What a weekend! Even with the rain that to seemed to appear out of nowhere, CTT thrived these past couple days with Cheezy Skit Night and Alternative Sports Day.

Friday night was one of the best nights camp has to offer, Cheezy Skit Night. Each cabin was told to create an alternative ending to a movie and present it to the camp. At the end of the night, there was a three-way tie between Girls Tents, Cabin F, and Dorm 8. Girls Tents performed Romeo and Juliet with Melorie Jenkins as narrator. Their alternate ending was that Romeo and Juliet did not die and they wrote a letter explaining the whole snafu. Cabin F performed a spin on The Hunger Games where Katniss, played by Hayley Sanders, killed Peeta, played by Katherine Barnes. Dorm 8 reenacted Titanic with Aaron Mendelsohn and Ben Mendelson as Rose and Jack, but this time, the boat did not sink, and Rose went off with another man. The tie-breaking skit was a The Lion King performance where Dorm 8 crushed the competition mixing Titanic and The Lion King into a hilarious end to a hilarious night.

Saturday was a different day. With a late wake-up, the camp had family-themed services where Justin and Spencer Leibow gave a presentation on why family is awesome. Then, we broke out into Alternative Sports Day where we played games like opposite dodgeball where when you get hit, you go to the other team and French Darts where you throw a Frisbee at a pole to hit it or knock off a cup that is on it. We also had very intense games of crab soccer, pickle, and extreme cup-stacking. Due to the rain, the baseball game was cancelled, but that didn’t stop the fun as we had a camp social filled with party rock dancing and fun for all.

Today, Boys Leagues continues, the Camp Tall Timbers Flag Football League (CTTFFL) begins the drafting process, and it is also Olympic Night! We also welcome the wet-your-feet week campers who are going to spend a fun-filled week here at CTT and I know they will have a great time!