Hey Hey Holiday Day

Last night was Dance of the Decades. There are always high expectations for this night, and it did not disappoint. There was the usual number of boys dressing up as girls for the fashion show beforehand. The tent girls did a fantastic, funny dance to an 80’s medley. The Cabin 2 boys got really into their rendition of Daytripper. A-Tom rollerbladed across the stage and Max Penn threw a ‘shooting star’ in Cabin 4’s performance of AllStar. Zack Cohen played electric guitar while cabin 5 performed. But Cabins G&H won the day for their excellent choreographed dance to a medley from the 00’s. That didn’t stop the Boys’ Tents from jumping up and hugging each other when the winners were announced.

Ezra Rudman cut his long curly hair short after getting an okay from his parents. Most of the tent boys are hoping to get permission from home to do the same. A few stink bombs have been exchanged down in the tents. An upcoming game of ‘Find Evan Cook’ has been announced – Camper Evan will hide and we will find him.

Every Saturday the CIT’s run a camp service where we read poems, sing songs, and talk about a theme. Today’s theme was things we celebrate. Ethan Polk-Trauman played guitar and blew kisses for one of the sing-a-longs. The campers each wrote one thing they celebrate on a paper leaf and the leaves were used to make a tree on the rec. hall wall. Some things campers wrote:

Dinosaur Day
Family Reunions
Christmas 06 in San Diego with my family
This very moment
When my Pikachu came out of my Game Boy and kissed me
When I can put on my pants without falling over
When my brother was born because I always wanted one

Campers Morgan Berry, Lexi Smith, Spencer Leibow, Matt Kasoff, Jasmine Whims, Philipp Stein, and Michael Springer got up to read little quotes about life. Everyone said things like “That’s deep.” and “So true.” when they finished, and gave them high fives. Then some campers and counselors got up to read poems they’d written. Orli Berman and Dana Marks did an interpretive dance to a poem by counselors Staci and Sarah about fireworks. Kenna Hinton and Maggie Johnson read a poem titled “Kenna and Maggie’s Poem Exclamation Point Exclamation Point Exclamation Point”. Alex Fang read his hilarious poem about all the things he celebrates. Some examples: when Riley says his name, various levels of Pikachu, Full House Marathons, and that his ipod charges in 30 minutes but plays for 2 hours.

Jerry Smith and I talked about the poems afterwards, and he said how blown away he is with what great things the campers come up with. He says it makes him think twice about the End-of-Session limericks he does every year. But we love Jerry’s limericks and the last night of camp wouldn’t be as special without them.

Finally, we launched into Holiday Day! The campers can sign up for the activities they want to go to, like: President’s Day presidential dodge ball (a president is elected and has body guards), a Halloween hike to the haunted house, Easter Egg decorating and hunt, a Passover ‘Egyptians vs. Jews’ Red Sea Game, Cinco De Mayo Tortilla Wars, Festivus Suds Wrestling, Saint Patty’s Pin the Leprechaun on the Pot o’ Gold, a New Year’s Countdown Dance Party, and Christmukkah ‘Family’ Photos with Trees/Dreidels/Sidewalk Chalk. Rumor is Santa will be making an appearance. Tonight we’ll have a Valentine’s Day Social. Thanks to counselors Steve, Conti and Sami for planning such a cool day!

Morgan Berry finished her scarf today in Knitties! We are gearing up for King’s Dominion on Monday….

More to come…