Heroes and Villains

Any night where Paul Holtz wears a shirt that says “Duh, winning!” is a good night at Camp Tall Timbers.

Last night, CTT went to the Winchester Skating and Family Fun Center for a few hours of skating, arcade games, and socializing. The campers and counselors took the theme of superheroes and supervillains to a whole new level. Morgan Giles wore a full vampire costume. Ethan Weinstein donned a green outfit and used his signature cricket noise to create a new supervillain: Cricket. Paul Holtz made a shirt covered in Charlie Sheenisms and went as the warlock that is Charlie Sheen.  Counselor Julie Clark painted herself green and went as Green Lantern. But perhaps the best part of the night was Justin Kagen, who while was not in a villain costume, learned how to skate for the first time last night and successfully skated two laps without falling.

While some campers are learning things for the first time, others are perfecting their skills. Veteran campers Ethan Harrison, Ethan Weinstein, and Noah Schweitzer caught fish yesterday and Ryan Kalata caught two. Martin Babinet learned “Sweet Child O’ Mine” on the guitar, and shot two bullseyes in archery. Sam Audia also shot a bullseye in archery. Tyler Costopoulos and Aaron Morris made it up the hard side of the climbing wall for the first time and Tyler set a record for making it up the wall in thirty-six seconds. Miller Friedman and Michael Balaban won a game of Frisbee golf. Miguel Guinea completed the football course in the fastest time and Jacob Langer won a game of 500 in football. While not an activity offered at CTT, Ethan McCann and Jakeabel both lost teeth yesterday.

Tonight is my favorite evening activity Camp Tall Timbers has to offer: Survivor Night. After the last activity of the day, cabins go to different camping spots around camp where bags of frozen hamburgers, hot dogs, and veggie burgers await them. The cabin works together to make a fire to cook the food and later makes a bonfire to sit around and cook s’mores. The night leads to a great bonding experience for the cabin as stories are told and relationships are made for the rest of the session and even for the next few years.

Time to go survive!