Heart to Heart

The bonds made at CTT last a lifetime. Whether it is because you all go back to camp together for years and years or you stay in touch once you leave, there is nothing that beats a friendship made at CTT. Last night, those bonds were solidified with Cabin Activity Night where each cabin spent a couple hours doing an activity as a group together.

Cabin G had a pool party and, in addition to having a blast at the pool at night with music, played red light/green light and Mother May I. Boys Tents played an intense game of soccer on the basketball courts before cooling down with a game of mafia. Cabin 3 conquered a series of challenges ranging from building a sacrifice to camp legend Billy Mathis to putting a golf ball with a large stick and Kyle Foster successfully drove fifteen golf balls at once! Cabin 4 played a super-secret camp game that can never be discussed outside the camp, but they had fun. Girls Tents had a relaxing night on the Rec Hall porch talking and playing card games.

Yesterday was also a big day for some of our campers. Mikayla Pettit and Brendan Cutick won games of knockout in archery. Sofia Navas Sharry, Stevie Nocket, and Shelby Buyalos became a formative team yesterday winning a canoeing race as well as scoring eight home runs in softball. Ewan Hemmis shot a gun for the first time and knocked a can over. Sam Jewell won a driving contest at the golf course. Mikayla Pettit, Hailey Mostow, and Rachel McNeal climbed up the wall for the first time this session and Asgeir “Ice” Olafsson won a game of knockout in basketball.

Today, Boys Leagues, a league where all the male campers are split into teams and compete for an hour every A and C day, continues with an hour of competitive play at the pool or upper fields and the camp heads off to Cacapon State Park! We have a fun day of sun, the beach, and an old-fashioned cookout ahead of us.