Happy Friday!!

Friday, June 26th 2015


Hi there! Yesterday we left camp to head off on our first field trips of the session!


The older campers (13 and up) went white water rafting. They all had a blast. They rafted down two different rivers, and they saw the world’s oldest billboard! They ended their night at Golden Corral. Don’t worry, they survives the vicious buffet line… although I think that the other customers had to watch out for our very hungry campers.


The younger group of campers went to Cacapon State Park. There, we went swimming at the beach. We played catch with footballs and Frisbees. There was a volleyball circle for a while too. The kids built sand castles and had a ton of fun taking turns burying each other in the sand. They had some yummy snacks at the concession stand. We then walked over to where Glenn and Mark were grilling out. We had hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, chips and watermelon.


After dinner, we played a variety of camp games under the pavilion. Everyone was laughing and having a ton of fun. When we got back to camp, all the campers were ready to shower, get in their pajamas, and go to bed. They were all so wiped out from the busy day.


This morning, they are having clinics. There is a tennis clinic, a swimming clinic, and a martial arts clinic. We’ve brought in outside professionals to teach swimming and martial arts, while Dwayne (our in-house tennis pro) will be teaching the tennis clinic. Each camper was able to pick two clinics to attend. I’ll let you know tomorrow how everything goes!


By Brynn Lamb

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    Maura beard says:

    Thanks for the blog posts – great to hear what everyone is up to and how much fun they are having. Thanks!!

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