Happy 4th of July

By a week into camp, everyone has found their niche. Nicola Lee-Oesterreich and Abbey Morrisroe continue catching a fish during every fishing class. Joseph Balaban won a game of jail in tennis. Sydney and Jesse Alloy repeatedly win games of knockout in archery and Jacob Langer, Zach LaPorte, and Ethan McCann are points leaders of the CTTFFL.

Last night, Camp Tall Timbers went to a Winchester Royals game. I have seen the Winchester Royals play about a dozen times and they have won maybe once. Maybe it was because the CTT campers were cheering louder than ever before or maybe it was the joy in seeing former campers and counselors at the game, but the Winchester Royals won! To top off the night, we got an exclusive area to view a lengthy fireworks show celebrating America’s independence.

On to a more solemn note, today is the 4th of July and for many Americans, it is a time to be proud of the United States of America but also to reflect on the fact that there are soldiers overseas fighting wars. The cabin 2 counselor, Jason Neely, was in the air force prior to coming to camp and he encouraged all of the campers and counselors to write letters to the troops and he ensured that the letters will arrive to his old troops. He also revealed that he sent the flag from the “Orange Scurvy” (they were a team from Pirate Day 2010) to his old platoon and it is currently flying under an American flag over the 2nd platoon in the 357th MP Battalion’s humvee. The platoon thought it was adorable that CTT campers cared enough about their comrade to make a flag for him.

Enjoy your celebration back at home as much as we celebrate America’s independence here at camp but be sure to keep the soldiers in your thoughts and if you get a chance send them a letter, your local post office will send it to the nearest platoon.