Growing Up

Camp Tall Timbers is beginning to wind down and it is very apparent among the counselors that the campers have learned a lot. Tiffany was really impressed how well her C2 class handled a stubborn horse. Also many campers in Tiffany’s C5 class learned how to untack horses. Tristan Oldham climbed both the hard and easy walls simultaneously. Keegan Morrisroe won a game of knock out in archery. Keegan also won a game of world cup in soccer with his teammate Parker Mitchell. Nick Johnson won a game of jail in tennis. In basketball, Sofia Navas Sharry and Brendan Cutick won games of knock out. Clay Hawkins lost a tooth. Though we are late in the session, campers are still attempting new things. Aaron Rosenthal and Oliver Walke both mountain boarded for the first time and Tyler Mostow zipped for the first time.

The roller rink also allowed for campers to expand their horizons, with someone from almost every cabin skating for the first time. Simon Schwartz rolled skated for the first time and, as expected, was a natural and proceeded to skate around the rink 15 times without falling. Jenna Ross, Hailey Mostow, Taryn Dalton, Carly Dalton, Livia Lampal, Freddi Rappaport, Noah Gross, Aaron Rosenthal, Simon Rosenthal, Teddy Geis, Josh McConnell, Daniel Gonzalez-Kosasky, Quinn Cook, Matthew Van Aken, Ben Olek, Tony Spangler, Cole Williams, Justin Dryer and Meier Parr all roller skated for the first time and Adam Lampal and Oliver Walke roller bladed for the first time. Many of the experienced skaters played games such as tag, which Nate Schwartz claims he won, and had a limbo contest, which was won by Jake Welfeld with Oliver Walke in a close second. Flip Flop tried to slide under the limbo stick on his stomach in a bear costume but was disqualified despite the campers’ protests. The trip to the roller rink is always one of those evening activities that gives the campers a lot of freedom, and I was really impressed how this session’s kids got really into the theme and skating. We all had a great time and enjoyed the late wake up this morning.

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