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As sad as I was that First Session ended, I could not be happier that Second Session 2012 is here and the best way to bring in the new session and new faces is with a whole-camp welcome campfire. Before I get too far into the details of one heck of a first full day at Camp Tall Timbers, allow me to briefly introduce myself. My name is Alex Fang, I am one of the cabin 7 counselors, and I have been at Camp Tall Timbers since 2004. To put that into perspective, my last summer I spent at home, I was in tears due to the ending of Rugrats on Nickelodeon. While I sincerely miss the adventures of the Pickles gang, I could not be happier that all of my summers since Rugrats’s termination have been spent at Camp Tall Timbers. Even after almost a decade, there is not a day at CTT that I have not enjoyed. But I’ll be with you for the next three weeks, so let me tell you about our first-ever ‘backwards hat campfire’.

Though it started as a comment in passing, word travelled that the welcome campfire would be backwards-hat themed and by the time people came down to the campfire, most of the camp were wearing their hats backwards. It was just one of many signs that CTT is unified and ready for fun, even this early in the session. The campfire began with a brief explanation and demonstration of CTT traditions such as CTT’s signature hug and “friends song.”

In honor of the backwards hats and Jay-Z, a pioneer in wearing your hat backwards, each cabin was given the opportunity to give a Public Service Announcement about their cabin. Dorm (they prefer to be called dorm, not cabin) 8 did their introduction to the tune of “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” but instead of West Philadelphia, it was West Virginia and instead of spending time on the playground, they spent time on the porch of Dorm 8. Cabin A did a cheer about how they are the best with a dance by Autumn Mallon. Boys Tents, in rivalry with Girls Tents, did the historic and traditional “We are Boys Tents/Boys Tents we are/We live in tents/In tents we live” chant that has been around for as long as I can remember. The best Public Service Announcement of the night was Cabin F who, in addition to having awesome backwards hats, did the longest rhyme pattern of any cabin.

Following cabin introductions, it was time for campfire songs with the traditional “Country Roads” and “Wagon Wheel” and the not-so-traditional One Direction hit song, “What Makes You Beautiful,” which I do not foresee becoming a long-term campfire song, but who knows? The night ended with more songs and everyone’s favorite – s’mores.

Even though we have not been at camp for very long, campers are already setting camp records and starting their sessions off on the right foot. Brett Richardson won a biggest splash contest. Brady Osterman shot a bullseye. Anna Merkx, Autumn Mallon, and Emma Clark shot a gun for the first time. Even counselors are trying new things as Georgia Oriol, even though she has been at camp for ten years, mountain boarded for the first time yesterday.

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